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XO Jane

“You’re hotter than you’ll ever know. Trust.”

“When I grabbed the mic Sophie had procured as a prop, I took it hesitantly at first. “Own it,” Sophie said. And so I did just that. I never regretted it for a moment either. When these pictures arrived, seeing what Shameless Photography captured, all I could say was one thing: “I love my body.”


SF Bay Guardian

2013 Small Business of the Year!

“Do you yearn for an Etta James glamour shot with tasteful cleavage, frothy updo, rhinestones dangling from your lobes? Perhaps a cheeky pose with your pumps in the air, gingham bikini and a “here comes trouble” gaze? Shameless would love to make those matinee daydreams a reality.”



“A business with a mission.”

“My purpose is to accomplish real good in women’s lives and try to combat some of the self hatred and truly crippling insecurities that many women carry with them,” says Sophie Spinelle, who opened Shameless in 2009.